Experienced chicken breeder and seller in Dorrigo

Cheep & Quack Hatchery was born on a one-acre property in Tallai Gold Coast, over 18 years ago. Since then, we've come a long way and now rear birds on a 56 acres in  DORRIGO . Whether you're after a fluffy duckling, an elegant pure-bred chick or a fully-grown layer hen, we've got the bird for you.

Cheep & Quack is open whenever we are home, so all you need to do is call beforehand if you want to come down and take a look at the birds in stock. 

Cheep & Quack Hatchery

 6201 Waterfall Way, Dorrigo 2453

Phone:   02 6657 3394

Mobile:  0414 601 156


Opening hours:  Call to arrange a visit

Areas Serviced: Dorrigo, Coffs Harbour, Armidale

Got an enquiry?

Cheep & Quack is a quality chicken seller servicing the Dorrigo, Coffs Harbour Armidale areas. Get in touch today with any questions, queries, or to arrange a visit.
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