Experienced chicken breeder in Dorrigo

Whenever the old “let’s get a pet” discussion rears its head, people often don’t extend their thoughts beyond the realm of cats, dogs, rabbits and hamster. Whilst great as pets, these animals not the only options out there. Have you ever considered chickens? While you may just think of chickens as farmyard animals, they actually make for educational pets for Kids.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a steady and cost-effective source of eggs and maybe your next Christmas roast, then raising chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese could be the option for you.

About us

Here at Cheep & Quack Hatchery, we have been raising healthy chickens of all sorts for over 18 years. Originally beginning in Tallai on the Gold Coast on a one-acre property, we moved to a 10-acre property in Advancetown five years ago. Now situated in DORRIGO , we're a locally owned and operated family business and we provide a friendly service to all our customers. 

Wide range of fowl

From cross-bred layer hens to pure-breeds like Silkies, Frizzle Bantams and Wyandottes, we have a wealth of experience in breeding and rearing chickens, ducks and ducklings, and even turkeys and geese at certain times of the year.
For more info about our chickens and ducks, just call 0414 601 156 or 02 66573394
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